About Ekpac

Ekpac is a group of highly specialized companies, all striving for dominant product success in their fields. We provide a comprehensive range of importing, exporting, sourcing, and financing solutions for companies worldwide. With a well-established and extensive supply and sales network in China, USA, and northern Europe, the EKPAC family of companies offers comprehensive, cost-effective and timely solutions to its clients and partners. 

EKPAC History

Ekpac has been expanding its great influence from Sweden to the world since the 17th century.
17th century
  • Established in Gothenburg, Sweden in the 17th century, Ekpac quickly became a leading enterprise in  Sweden’s global trade, making great contributions to the Swedish economic resurgence.
19th century
  • In the 19th century, Ekpac helped to break the trade blockades imposed by Napoleon and enabled various commodities to be exported from colonies to Europe.
  • It was also in the 19th century that Ekpac developed more new markets and  in the 1840s, began to trade with East Asia.
Ekpac has grown in China for the past one hundred years.
  • Ekpac established its first company in China in 1910, during the Qing Dynasty under the rule of Emperor Xuantong. At that time, its trade was limited to silk and other textiles, but not long thereafter, industrial equipment and consumables quickly gained popularity.

  • In 1983, the current shareholders bought Ekpac group from Swedish Ekpac.
  • Ekpac continues to strive to hold a leading position in all of its business lines, which today include sourcing advanced and sophisticated industrial technologies and machinery from Europe, America, Canada and Japan to cater to the booming markets in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Ekpac has also developed a unique expertise as an integrator in foreign government loan transactions. Ekpac is one of a small number of integrators that has completed a significant number of transactions, serving customers in all of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. The loans that Ekpac has completed span the widest range of industries among all integrators.