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China: Growing Opportunities and Challenges for Advanced Medical Devices

The demand for medical devices in China is on the rise, but understanding the real opportunities for imported devices can be challenging.  Ekpac offers exactly the help you need: as a full-service distributor of medical devices in China, we will help you enter the China market by providing you with professional advice regarding market entry strategies, licensing and regulatory matters, and then connecting you to our nationwide network of sales agents and dealers.space_rowEkpac is the market leader in foreign government loan integration in China. Since the 1980s, Ekpac has facilitated over 100 government loan projects for hospitals in more than 30 Chinese provinces, bringing state-of-the-art medical devices to communities that needed them the most.  On the foundation of the medical device expertise and our relationships with the important players and decision makers in China’s healthcare space that we have developed through our loan business, we have built a solid and comprehensive platform for the independent distribution and sales of imported medical products in China.

Your Comprehensive China Market Entry Partner

Tap directly into the China market with our wide-ranging services.We will:

bullet  Determine the market demand for your product and thebest means of market entry

bullet  Provide product management, marketing, technical service, and applications support in China for your product

bullet  Seek and coordinate with reliable dealers

bullet  Ensure your compliance with China’s health regulations and licensing requirements

bullet  Facilitate export and import clearance of product

bullet  Identify and manage local manufacturing partners, if needed


The Ekpac Advantage

Strong Ties and Relationships

Decades of experience working with Chinese Government agencies involved with healthcare, including China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC).

Worldwide Presence

As a member of the Ekpac global group of companies, we are able to reach out to international business partners through our branches in:

China Hong Kong
Taiwan USA
Germany France
Austria Poland
Sweden Norway
Denmark Israel
Solid Track Record

Medical product sales and financing projects to 100+ hospitals in over 30 cities and regions.

Nationwide Dealership Network

Network of 100+ sub-dealers in 15 provinces

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Judy Zakreski, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development

Tel.: +1-202-730-1571

Email: judy.zakreski@ekpacusa.com

Hong Kong 

Kei Chan, Marketing Director,

Tel.: +852-2555-5550

Email: kei.yk.chan@ekpac.com


Frank Chen, General Manager ( Healthcare Division )

Tel.: +86 13910632380

Email: frankchen@ekpac.com


Julie Xue, Project Director ( Healthcare Division ) Tel.: +86 13801153440 Email: juliexue@ekpac.com

About Ekpac Group

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in the 17th Century, Ekpac is a group of highly specialized companies with a long history of sourcing and distributing machineries, equipment and commodities of the highest quality.  Learn More